Wild Mature Grannies – Grannies having Orgies

wild mature granniesHer bones creaking a little bit as she walked to the bed in the middle of the room, Stefanie persisted. She wanted to lie down on the bed and get some rest, or was it because she wanted to be fucked? She’s confused now. In recent months, she’s been having bouts of forgetfulness. She looked back at the chair she had just vacated. Then, her face crumpled in confusion – was she going to that chair? I assisted her as she began to cry softly. I led her to bed.

It is hard to imagine that Stefanie could be coming with Alzheimer’s Disease this very late into her age. She’d always been one of the wild mature grannies in the nursing home where I worked as nurse. It was only some years ago when they would have orgies in the rooms, careful not to make too much noise so that the staff wouldn’t make them stop their parties.

One by one, the wild mature grannies had either passed away or became recluse or, like Stefanie, had lost a portion of their memories.

As I helped Stefanie unto the bed, I recalled how they used to give me a headache some 5 years or so. My first day on the job was crazy – with one grandpa having a heart attack in my arms. He recovered after a few minutes but it was disheartening to see old people suffer.

wild mature granniesThen, that evening, as my shift was about to end, the grannies invited me Stefanie’s room for a little party. I arrived inside the room to discover 5 naked mature moms fucking each other using dildos and fingers! I didn’t know what to do. I hurried to my co-workers who laughed and told me that these orgies are common in the home. They allow that because they wanted the old people to be happy and satisfied.

Yes, those were the fun-filled days of the wild mature grannies. Now, they are docile old ladies who weep easily but forget why they wept in the first place. I looked at Stefanie and sighed. How I wish they’d be back to their happy days.

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