Wild Mature Granny at the Sex Shop

I was on a business trip when I met Anne in a shop selling adult toys and sexy porn vids – she’s the owner and cashier. At age 51, her hair was beginning to become grey but she was still as stunning as any young chick I knew. I was searching for a surprise toy for my girlfriend (she’s 30 years old, in case you’re wondering). I was contemplating on buying an egg vibrator or a huge rabbit dildo when Anne came over and told me that I should buy the two if I couldn’t choose which one to take home.

I looked around the shop – there were no other customers. Taking that as a good omen, I suddenly had the courage to ask this wild mature granny, “which one do you like better?”

“I can’t choose just one because those are my favorites – each one gives me a different kind of pleasure,” she confided.

“May I try one on you?” I asked boldly.

“Let me close the shop,” she said, almost breathlessly.

I chose the rabbit dildo. I took her clothes and panties off and began kissing her.

“I’ve got grandkids already,” she confided again.

“I don’t see that as a problem. My cock just got harder thinking of fucking a wild mature granny,” I whispered in her ear.

“I thought we’re playing with the vibrator,” she said, almost breathless now.

“Yes, we are but we might do more than play with the vibrator.”

“Oh! I’d like that!”

I carefully inserted the rabbit dildo inside her cunt until the ears began to touch her clit. I turned the egg vibrator on and placed it on top of the dildo. This must have felt really good because she moaned loudly, hips bucking wildly.

Before she could cum, I pulled my pants down and inserted my rock hard cock inside her moist cunt. “Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh!” she moaned.


Only moans and whispers could be heard in the store. A few minutes later, she began to shake. I can’t believe I made this wild mature granny cum! That thought drove me over the edge and I shoot my load inside her mature pussy.

As I was going out, she handed me a calling card and box of vids featuring wild mature mums.

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