Working for Wild Mature Moms

wild matures momsThere is a home in our neighborhood so large that it almost looked like a castle to us when we were small. In that castle lived wild matures moms – most of them are now more than 50 years old already but when they were younger and I was still a teenager, I had a huge crush on many of them.

You see, these women were glamorous and sexy even though they already have children. Their children are raised by nannies and we got to play with them. To earn money during my teenage years, I applied for work at the house of the beautiful women.

I did odd jobs for them – mowing the lawn, pruning the hedge, fixing stuff, and others. The “others” didn’t mean anything sexual, actually (I know that you are thinking about that!). These are wild matures moms yet they are moms and wouldn’t want their children to be molested or anything. So, until I wasn’t 18, I wasn’t included in their fantasy and sex world.

wild matures momsStill, that did not mean that I wasn’t able to see them do their stuff. In fact, I was pruning the hedge close to the drawing room when I saw a wild mature mom getting fucked doggy style by one of their children’s music teachers. Though I wasn’t part of the lively sex scene that I know is happening in that large house, I was their voyeur. I was the young man who learned to hide between the hedges so I could watch them fuck!

These wild matures moms could really fuck! I’ve seen them getting punished in BDSM scenes or becoming the aggressive one in what could only be femdom. I was lucky enough to be tall and lanky because I could see all the action in a particular room (as long as it is on the ground floor or basement) yet have the least risks of getting caught.

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